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A recent collection of media related to the work and career of Madison Prince.

Madison Prince 2022 G'Day AAA Arts Gala Red Carpet in Los Angeles

Actress Madison Prince on the red carpet at the G'Day AAA Arts Gala event held at the JW Marriott Hotel in Los Angeles, California USA on Saturday June 11th, 2022 "



Broadway World

Sold-Out Audiences

The AUSTRALIAN THEATRE FESTIVAL NYC, Co-Artistic Directors and Executive Producers Mark Barford, Connor Delves, and Jillian Geurts, co-produced by Ali Kennedy Scott, was a sold-out weekend-long celebration of Australian creativity, community and culture in New York City, December 10-12, 2021. 


Diaspora Times

EXCLUSIVE: It’s no secret that representation and inclusion of Indigenous communities all over the world needs some help in Hollywood. Native people stateside have been fighting for equity in all spaces through many organizations and movements — and we have seen major strides with shows like Rutherford Falls on Peacock. The amplifying Indigenous voices is about to get stronger as the first Aboriginal Australian-led creative movement  United Stages Collective is set to launch in the United States.

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We need to talk

On this episode of #WeNeedToTalk, Malynda chats with the founders of United Stages Collective, Sam Cook, Madison Prince and Matt Coleman. They talk about the purpose behind United Stages collective, culturally what they want to bring to the states, the need for representation within Indigenous and Aboriginal communities and what the future holds.


United stages collective is aiming to bring aboriginal Australian creative excellence to Hollywood.

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